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    Nintendo Labo Creators Contest -kilpailun eurooppalaiset voittajat on valittu

    Voittajat kolmessa kategoriassa – Uusi luomus, Koristelu & muotoilu ja Lapset - valittiin sadoista eri puolilta Eurooppaa lähetetyistä kilpailutöistä. Tuomaristossa oli mukana Nintendo Labo -kehitystiimin jäseniä.

    CI Labo NintendoLaboCreatorsContest Prize 03

    Kuten aiemmin kirjoitimme, kolme pohjoismaista voittajaa jatkoivat eteenpäin Nintendo Labo Creators Contest Europe -kilpailussa, jossa he olivat mukana kilpailemassa suuresta palkinnosta, Nintendo Switchin erikoisversiosta. Valitettavasti he eivät päässeet aivan loppuun saakka ja sen sijaan pääpalkinnot menivät Espanjaan ja Ranskaan kuten alla on esitetty.

    Kategoria: Uusi luomus

    Labo Alien Game 1

    Voittaja: Labo Alien Game, Jose Julio (Espanja)

    Katso Labo Alien Game -video YouTubessa.

    Kommentit tekijältä: “Using the vibration of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, we have created a game that dispenses [table tennis] balls through a funnel. The balls are supposed to be aliens. We shot at them pressing the button while they fall. The IR Motion Camera detects it and we get points. My daughters have helped me decorating the game, so the whole family has really enjoyed the project.”

    Kommentit tuomaristolta: “We really like the idea of using the Joy-Con controller’s HD Rumble to make the balls fall. Using the IR Motion Camera to capture the balls’ movement as they fall was also inspired. This game looks like a lot of fun too – we'd love to give it a try!”

    Kategoria: Koristelu & muotoilu

    Luigi s Little Mansion 3

    Voittaja: Luigi’s Little Mansion, Jordi Lamarca de Sanz (Espanja)

    Katso Luigi’s Little Mansion -video YouTubessa.

    Kommentit tekijältä: “Before the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest started, I was already thinking about customize the house as a haunted mansion. As soon as I decided to participate, some references from the Super Mario worlds become more and more important, and finally, the entire project happened to be closely related to those worlds (especially Luigi´s Mansion).

    I wanted to maintain a marked Nintendo Labo spirit and I developed the Mansion with cardboard folds and tabs, based on trial and error, using a pencil, a, ruler a cutter and no glue. I tried to use the least number of materials. The idea was to give the house more volume and have a space to keep two of the mechanisms of the game, as I wanted to be able to use them in a more physical way once the mansion was over. My three year-old daughter and I love playing Luigi´s Mansion. Our Tomo is called ’Pepito’."

    Kommentit tuomaristolta: “This submission was beautifully customised right down to the small details and shows a great degree of craftmanship.” “We loved all the ideas in this piece: from the gate that opens when you turn the dial, to the fluorescent paint that reveals a Boo floating about when it gets dark. The fact that you can take it apart, look inside the mansion and still use it as a Toy-Con House is really impressive!”

    Kategoria: Lapset

    Bowser s Castle 1

    Voittaja: Custom Bowser’s Castle-inspired House, Fabrice Doberva (Ranska)

    Kommentit tekijältä: “A custom Toy-Con House made to look like Bowser's Castle.”

    Kommentit tuomaristolta: “We really liked how much detail has gone into this piece, and admire that the overall colour scheme is both pleasing and balanced. The four towers look thick and sturdy, and like what you'd expect on a castle. Very impressive! We bet Bowser would be happy with it too!”


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